Over 1500 North Merrick residents got out the vote!!! This is a 25% increase from last year. CRONM's goal was to get 20% increase in voter turnout. We surpassed our goal with the community's help.

A big congratulations to Megan Ryan, Rob Crowley and Steve Enella for winning Board seats. We took big steps in taking back our Board of Education.

Thank you Jennifer Hyland and Gerry Acuna for running a professional campaign.

The NM and HS budgets passed. The capital improvement propositions passed. Prop 4 did not pass.

Rob Crowley was sworn in and took Wendy Garguilo's seat at tonight's special board meeting.

This community is amazing and we hope everyone sees the importance of voting. Every one of your votes counted today!!!!!


North Merrick has almost 12,000 registered voters but fewer than 1,200 voted in the last school board election! That’s less than 10% turnout.


Please continue to visit our info tabs above and facebook page to see what happened at Meet the Candidate’s Night, past Board meetings, who we are endorsing and why; so you can become an informed voter on May 21, 2019.