We are a not- for- profit grassroots organization that needs your help to gain movement in the community.   We need the North Merrick residents to get involved in the following ways:

1. Attend Board Meetings- so you can become aware of the current state of events affecting our neighborhood and the changes to the Board over the last two years. Board Meetings are generally the second Tuesday of each month.  They start at 8 p.m. and are held at the Fayette GPR Room;

2. Become a member of our grassroots organization and help spread awareness and make certain our Board continues to serve the taxpayer's needs;

3. Support the cause. Our organization and all officers and board members serve at no cost. Your membership and donations are our only source of income and help us cover our expenses. Spreading awareness requires marketing and advertising; which is expensive.   Any size donation will help this grassroots movement take flight.  If you are interested in making a donation,  please click on the Support Us button below.  

For membership, please contact Mary Keene at mkeene@cronm.com or Anna Higgins at ahiggins@cronm.com. We are a 501 (c)(4) not-for-profit organization.  Contributions to our grassroots movement are non tax-deductible.