Why CRONM started....

  • CRONM is the brainchild of a group of residents who became concerned over the negative tone of the past 3 school Board elections, the lack of voter turnout, the low attendance at Board of Education meetings, and the infiltration of special interest groups ($$$ for campaigning) of Board of Education trustees

  • CRONM represents concerned residents who prioritize education. We realized that if we could "organize and educate" residents, our voices would be better heard and have greater impact on the Board of Education

  • CRONM exists to ensure that our Board of Education is independent and continues to represent the needs of our neighbors and children


"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."---Helen Keller  


Why North Merrick needs CRONM....

  • We all lead busy lives and attending any BOE meeting is difficult. CRONM's meeting summaries allow you to stay current on your own time

  • There is a lot of misinformation on social media, especially leading up to the school board elections.  There is also misinformation about the powers and duties of the Board trustees once they are elected and Board's role in our community.

  • CRONM wants to provide a vital service; supply the North Merrick resident with factually correct information on what is happening at the BOE and how our taxes are being allocated by the BOE.

  • CRONM wants to provide this service so that our residents become informed, become empowered, become educated, and vote at the upcoming board election on May 21, 2019.

What CRONM will continue to do for the North Merrick taxpayers....

  • CRONM will be at the BOE meetings, which are typically held the second Tuesday of every month.

  • CRONM will attend policy meetings held throughout the school year.

  • CRONM will attend the lay budget meetings held at the end of February and beginning of March.

  • CRONM will attend the above meetings to ensure that the BOE continues to represent "we the taxpayers."

  • CRONM will begin video taping and posting BOE meetings on our website as well as provide helpful resource links so that the N.M resident can become and stay fully informed.

  • CRONM will endorse BOE trustees whose only agenda is the children and N. M. taxpayers.